Residential Cleaning Services

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Recurring Home Cleaning Plans [These plans are for clients that prefer on-going services after a one-time initial cleaning has been completed]

Our most requested recurring home cleaning plans are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. Initially, the first cleaning will be quoted at an hourly rate. During this cleaning session we will fine-tune your home to our expert care cleaning standards. This will allow us to discount your recurring service and your home will be tailored with a cleaning technician appointed to your home. This means you will have a cleaning technician that is familiar with your home and your customized cleaning plan.


Intermittent/Occasional Home Cleaning Requests [These plans are for clients that prefer to hire our services one-time, every few month’s or for special occasions only with no steady recurring service that will be ongoing. To qualify for recurring services your tailored cleaning plan must be set up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning]

Our one-time home cleaning services are charged at an hourly rate. These service requests range from quarterly deep cleaning, event cleaning/clean-up, move-in/move-out cleaning, special occasion cleaning, remodel clean-up, seasonal. This service plan is also customized to fit our client’s needs.


Other Cleaning Service Requests[Our other services such as ironing, power washing patios, driveways  and sidewalks, for example]

Do you have other cleaning requests that you don’t find listed? Our slogan is “Let Your 2-Do List-Be Our 2-Do List”. We have had many requests to clean a wide array of items so please inquire. We do have a terms of service that is very simple for our clients. When we meet with our client for an estimate we will inform the client if there is a task that we cannot complete. This is due to coverage limitations in our liability coverage or it may be deemed dangerous. We have not come across many denials however we do disclose this verbiage in our terms of service.