Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial cleaning services tailored to meet the needs of  professionals in the Boise and surrounding area

Are you a business owner or office manager that wants your staff to be as productive and healthy as possible? Do you want to make a good impression to your clients and visitors when they walk through your doors? A clean office can reflect on your business.

As a professional in your field of expertise, you do not want your clients’ first exposure to your business to send the message; you are overwhelmed or lacking in professionalism due to a muddled or dirty office.

Many of our clients’ are busy professionals that do not want the burden of cleaning their office themselves. Put a system in place now by contacting My 2-do List at 208-401-4732 for a FREE tailored estimate tailored to your specific needs.  Give your office environment a “clean bill of health” by hiring our services to assist you, so you can take care of your clients and keep your retention rate high.